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Make Sure You Are Informed About Aquatic Invasive Mussels Before You Hit The Water

Montana has the potential to lose many of our great waterways and fisheries and in the process lose millions of dollars that the state generates from these beautiful bodies of water.


What could cause such a horrific thing to take place in the most beautiful state in the America? mussels, That’s right, little tiny mussels, Better known as Aquatic Invasive Species.

Water samples from Tiber Reservoir east of Shelby and Canyon Ferry Reservoir near Helena tested positive or suspect for the larvae of aquatic invasive mussels.

On Tuesday, We spoke with Aquatic Invasive Species program coordinator, Tom  Boos with the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and he explained how we can keep this mussel at bay.

These mussels have invaded the Great Lakes region and not only do they make it dangerous to walk in and around the waterways but they eat the same foods as the fish do thus, reducing the fish numbers.

For the whole hour-long interview with Tom Boos go right here and check out our podcast.

Jon Arneson