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Political Differences Between Montana & Idaho From A Man That Serves Both

An interesting guest on Voices of Montana Thursday, gave us a terrific inside political and social look into the differences between two neighboring states, Montana and Idaho.


Steve Vick, a Montana native, born in Great Falls who was a four-term house member in the Montana legislature who is now an Idaho Senator, gave us interesting insights into the two states.

We spoke on the contrast between the two states including a state sales tax, in which Idaho has one, and Montana does not. According to Vick, “Idaho has three taxes including property tax, income tax and the sales tax but they are pretty minimal in cost were citizens do not seem to mind as much” Montana with no sales tax has a higher property taxes.

Mr. Vick also spoke on how, in his mind, Idaho works at doing all that it can do to be inviting to businesses around the country to relocate to Idaho. “No matter what that entails, including tax cuts for relocating businesses, rebates for businesses moving into Idaho and even giving free undeveloped land to prospective larger businesses that would eventually employ Idaho citizens”

Another interesting point brought up by Vick was that the last couple Cat/Griz football parties that he has attended in Idaho, were much more crowded than the recent ones he has visited in Montana”

Maybe that’s the best indicator, Idaho is drawing many of Montanans youngest and brightest, something that Montanans should think long and hard about.

To listen to all that Montana native and current Idaho Senator, Steve Vick had to say on Voices of Montana, listen in to our podcast right here.

Jon Arneson