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Represenative Kerry White & Why The Wool Lab Is So Important To Montana

State Representative Kerry White of Bozeman is a frequent guest on Voices of Montana, He heads the FW&P committe with the Montana Legislature and knows a lot about the outdoor lifestyle, As a lifetime hunter and advocate for balance use of our lands, he works hard for our state.

Kerry White

The Montana native has recently been appointed chairman of a 6-member group that is studying the feasibility of consolidating five state labs on the Montana State University campus, including the Wool lab, Wildlife lab and the Veterinarian Diagnostic lab amongst a few others.

On Tuesday’s show, Kerry talked about the legislatively appointed, 6 member study committee that is also considering a Pulse lab, since Montana is taking the lead in all pulse crops across the nation including chick peas and lentils.

Rep Kerry White certainly knows the importance of these labs in Montana, especially with the wildlife diseases that as Thursday, has caused the FW&P to implement, special late season hunts in the state, looking for the number of deer with the always fatal and spreading, Chronic Wasting Disease.


Those Two month-long hunts have now been approved by the FW&P commision and are set to begin, December 15th. All Harvested deer must be taken to the check station in Joliet, which will be staffed from 10 am to one hour after sundown, except on holidays. Licences are available at the FW&P offices and their vendors.

On the Tuesday Voices of Montana show, the first 20 minutes is with Congressman, Greg Gianoforte who gives us an update from DC, while the rest of the program is dedicated to Kerry White and the possibility of improvement and/or  consolidation of the labs on the MSU-Bozeman campus.

If you missed the live broadcast on Tuesday, catch it right here on the popular Voices of  Montana Podcast.

Jon Arneson