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Republican Carl Glimm, Latest Candidate for Congress on Voices of Montana Friday.

When Ryan Zinke is finally confirmed as the next Secretary of State a special election will be held in Montana to elect his replacement in the United States Congress.

So far the Republican candidates are Ken Miller, Ed Buttrey, Greg Gianforte and Drew Turianoare and now, Carl Glimm of Kila has joined the race.

State Representative Glimm says he wants to reign in federal spending and bureaucracy. He also says his conservative record and his experience with budgeting in the house sets him apart from the others running.

carl glimm

“This is a real unique opportunity, having a special election, and we have a chance to put forward a conservative candidate that can win and represent Montana in Washington DC.”

Carl Glimm represents House district 6 and is the chairman of the Natural Resources and Transportation Subcommittee of Appropriations in the Montana house.

Earlier this week they took action to reverse the cuts that the Governor made to the highway construction program, This means that they found money to fund an additional $220 Million in highway projects.

Coming up on Friday, State Representative, Carl Glimm will join us on Voices of Montana, Find out how they found the money and exactly where it should go.

Jon Arneson