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Republican Senate Candidate Discloses His Reason for Discharge

Billings – James Dean, a US Senate candidate who is hoping to unseat Montana Senior Senator, Jon Tester, told Voices of Montana November 2nd why he was medically discharged from the United States Air Force. Dean has refused to disclose this information until now.

Courtesy of James Dean

Dean recently declared his intent to run for Senate along with his wife Sarah Dean, a Democratic candidate who will run for the same senate seat.

Dean told VOM that while serving in the Air Force he received a random call from an unnamed person who told Dean that God had spoken to him, and explained why pilots were passing out from a lack of oxygen while flying the most modern military jet at that time – Something the Air Force was working diligently on at the time.

According to Dean, he felt that following the military’s chain of command, it would take too long for the military to act and would put pilots lives in danger. So, Dean immediately went to the hangar where the military was working on the problem and ordered the on-duty mechanics to immediately start checking the faulty part that the caller had mentioned.

Dean said that because he did not follow the proper chain of command, the Air Force discharged him, claiming a medical problem. Dean claimed that the faulty part the caller told him about was indeed the cause of the problem, and that he personally had no medical issue.

For the rest of the story on why the Air Force would discharge him on a medical issue, listen to our podcast right here. We talked to Dean for a short time on Thursday around 5-10 minutes in to the show, but to hear an hour-long interview with the republican candidate listen to the show from Wednesday, November 2nd.


by Jon Arneson