Feb 23, 2017 Voices Of Montana 5 comments

Rob Quist Tells Voices of Montana No Problem With Sanctuary Cities & More Green Technologies

Thursday’s Voices of Montana was really interesting for me for many reasons first off, I wasn’t hosting the program and two, I had never heard our guest, Rob Quist talk politics before.

I know he is a terrific picker and singer and he was the co-founder and still lead singer for one of Montana’s most famous and popular singing groups of all times, The Mission Mountain Wood Band. I also figured he was probably a Democrat being an entertainer.


But since he is now a candidate and apparently the frontrunner “In one poll” For Congress, Due to a possible special election scheduled for later this year, I had better listen very closely.

Jessica asked Mr Quist his thoughts on energy, Especially the “Clean Energy” also called “Green Technologies” Like, Wind and Solar?

Not only did he say that he thinks wind is the way to go for much of our future energy needs, But he thinks that it could be subsidised by the people and government more than it already is.

That was just a few of the many comments the candidate made that made me think that Mr Quist is not only a Democrat, But he is a far leaning, left-wing, Democrat.

Listen in to the podcast here, as Rob Quist speaks at length with Jessica Sena on private property rights, sanctuary cities and his qualifications to become Montana’s next Congressman.

Jon Arneson