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Ron Murray Republican Candidate for US Senate

A Republican candidate that would like to unseat 2 term Montana Senator Jon Tester is 45-year old Ron Murray. Ron is a small business man in Belgrade who is a dog trainer by trade but also dabbles in fish, fish tanks and U-haul rentals. He has a wife and three children and this is his first venture into politics of any kind.

IMG_20170810_094743394On Thursday, he was my lone guest on Voices of Montana and wanted to make it perfectly clear that he just got back from Colstrip and doesn’t understand why anyone would be against coal and other Natural Resources in Montana. After all, “We are the Treasure State” he said, and how anyone could be against the beautiful small eastern montana town.

According to Murray, “Colstrip is the cleanest and neatest town that I know of…Those pictures you see of Colstrip, billowing smoke from the smokestacks is really just steam!” Of course he is right, those pictures you see of Colstrip that look more like Siberia in Winter is really the town of Colstrip shooting hot steam in the cold Montana night.

Murray took several calls from around the state on issues that ranged from natural resources, veterans affairs and timber. One call that we took from the town of Emigrant, Montana was about the long waits for health care from the Montana VA and how it attributes to Montana’s high suicide rate. The caller stated that he understands how some veterans do commit suicide while waiting for the VA’s mental health care.

Murray did not serve in the military, nor did his opponent Jon Tester, but the Democrat is the ranking member of the US service committee on veterans affairs. Murray told us that despite Testers high-ranking on the committee and two terms in DC, nothing has changed with the VA. It still has long waits, poor communication with patients and long trips back and forth to see a doctor.

If you are interested in learning more about Ron Murray listen in to the whole show on our podcast right here.