Feb 15, 2018 Voices Of Montana 0 comment

Senate Candidate Russ Fagg Says “Tester Is Putting Illegal Immigrants Ahead Of Montanans”

According to Russ Fagg…

Thursday, February, 15th, Senator Jon Tester showed how out of touch he is with Montanans. Tester joined Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders in voting against Sen. Toomey’s amendment to limit funding to Sanctuary Cities.

 “Jon Tester’s latest vote in favor of sanctuary city funding is an embarrassment to Montana. Tester continues to put illegal immigrants ahead of United States citizens,” said Russ Fagg, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

 “When Tester voted to shut down the government just a few weeks ago, he claimed it had nothing to do with illegal immigration. His vote today shows that that was not true.

Jon Tester’s repeated support of sanctuary cities is yet another sign that he is out of touch with Montana values. It’s time for a US senator who will uphold law and order, just as I did during my 22 years as a district court judge.”