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Sheriff Clarke Says “I Didn’t Go Anywhere, The Dem’s Left Me!”

Near the end of the show Wednesday morning, Sheriff David Clark remarked, “Yes, that’s exactly what we need, great ideas and to be able to debate these issues.” He was responding to a text I received right at the end of the program, that I read to him speaking on the recent violence on school campuses.

David Clarke 2

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Sheriff Clarke said “Now that’s an idea we need to look into, that’s what is going to help this terrible situation, we need to openly talk about it.”

Clarke also spoke on everything from Black Lives Matters to why he is a Trump supporter. He also told us why he feels the Democratic party left him!

Sheriff Clarke will be speaking at the Yellowstone, Lincoln Reagan dinner this Friday night at 6 pm in Billings, but the show has been sold out for weeks.

We were lucky enough to get the former Milwaukee county sheriff for the whole hour and I think you will really enjoy our conversation, Just click right here.

Jon Arneson