Jan 08, 2018 Voices Of Montana 2 comments

Could The Six-Mill Levy For Montana Universities Be In Trouble?

We started the week off right and with a big bang, talking about your growing property taxes and then taking your phone calls.

Monday’s guest was Tim Adams, founder of “Montanans Against Higher Taxes” in opposition of LR 128, the tax increase to fund the Montana University System.

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Montanans have the unique ability to vote themselves over 200 million dollars in lower property taxes in November 2018 by voting no on LR 128, says Adams, who just recently paid of his student debts and says he is still searching for that 6 figure job.

Every 10 years, Montana voters have agreed to impose a 6-mill tax levy to keep tuition low for state college and university students, but Adams says there are signs that next years ballot measure could be in trouble.

Adams reports that there are a ton of reasons why, but one, that is easy to understand is activities for credit at Montana colleges including the University of Montana and Montana State University. They are Jump Rope, Curling, Flow Arts, Dodgeball, Yoga, Folf, Belly dancing and the Argentine tango, Just to name a few.

Another interesting fact that Adams told us about was that through the WUE program, Californians receive a $7,000 discount on their tuition EVERY SEMESTER compared to non-resident students from other states. The question is should the Montana University System get special price breaks to turn Montana into California!

To listen to this program with Tim Adams check out the podcast right here.