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The ACLU Continues To Try To Block The Locker Room Privacy Initiative

Tuesday’s Voices of Montana program welcomed back Jeff Laszlofy, President/CEO of the Montana Family Foundation which is a non-profit, research and education organization dedicated to supporting, protecting and strengthening Montana families.

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The main points Laszlofy wanted to convey Tuesday is that there are thousands of citizens and organizations that do not believe that Human life is sacred from conception to natural death and that those beliefs should not be protected by government.

Interesting points made by Laszlofy is that the ACLU continues to try to block the Locker Room Privacy Initiative from getting on the ballot, which is an initiative that the Montana Family Foundation is strongly supporting and that you can help and learn more about at

Another important issue made by Laszlofy is that Planned Parenthood is strongly in favor of nurse practitioners being lawfully able to perform abortions and they should be able to perform those abortions themselves.

They also favor overturning the 2002, voter passed initiative, that forces abortion providers to get parental permission before performing any abortion on a minor.

For more on our conversation with Jeff Laszlofy listen to the entire hour right here on our radio podcast.