Nov 30, 2017 Voices Of Montana 0 comment

The Fight Over The CSKT Water Compact Is Far From Over.

The final part of our 2-part series on the CSKT water compact, our guest was the Chairman of the Montana Land and Water Alliance, Dr. Catherine Vandermoer, Ph.D, Or simply Dr Kate, as many of you know her by, She gave us an update on whats next with the water compact, and then answered a lot of complicated questions during the broadcast.


Dr Kate did make it clear that this fight, over CSKT water rights, although most in the media believe it is, is NOT over and there is a lot that people can do to help, especially by gleaning some more information on the subject at their updated website

Doctor Kate has many questions for Montana Democratic Senator, Jon Tester that so far she can not get answers too including, why he created, what she calls a “Wrap Around Bill” that fails to mention how much water is to be awarded, and why he has added $1.3 Billion to the price tag plus she reports that his bill would transfer ownership of Federal FIP & other infrastructure to the Tribes.

She also questions why Testers bill, created in 2016 (S. 3013) prevents any impact studies from being completed until after the compact passes, counter to federal rules, plus the bill would allow for two hydropower facilities to be built on the Flathead River, that would be exempt from any environmental studies?

Join us right here for a podcast of the entire hour, with Dr Kate that includes phone calls from all across the state.