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We Always Learn Something New When Robert Brown Comes To VOM.

About a year ago, Jonny Kibblewhite, aka, Jonny from Wales, and myself decided that we should have Robert Brown on the air at least once a month, we have never done that before with any other guest, but we both agree that we both learn something new when he is on the radio with us, so we thought that if we are learning something then hopefully you, the listener must be learning something too.

Robert Brown

Courtesy Robert Brown

Monday morning, Robert joined us and we started talking about the Constitution and “States Rights” and what we would look like, as a country, if we followed the Constitution the way we think, that our founders intended.

According to Brown, there is no doubt that our central Government has not only ignored and disobeyed the Constitution, but they have all done it illegally and right in front of our noses, the most powerful group in the nation, the voter!

In the beginning of our country, The government was supposed to be rather small and take care of very few, although very important issues like waging war and protecting our rights, but no where does it say that the government should take over issues like, healthcare reform, that requires its own citizens to buy insurance and the bailing out of banks and auto companies.

What would Montana, and our country look like if we followed the Constitution to the letter and the way our founders had intended, with states making major decisions for themselves, and also, do we even know what our fore-fathers intended, because, after all, we all can read something different into anything that is written down by someone else.

Join us right here, for a full hour of “constitutional talk” with scholar Robert Brown and hopefully learn something new, Just like Jonny and I do, whenever Robert Brown comes on Voices of Montana.