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Wildfire Relief: Here’s How you Can Help

Sand Springs – The Lodgepole Complex Fire West of Sand Springs, Montana has grown to over 226,000 acres over the last four days. Despite the unpredictability of this capricious monster, one thing is certain: The generosity of friends and neighbors has been immense and continues to grow.

Since the fire took off on Friday July 21, volunteers have shown up from across the county and the state to bring water tankers, graders, generators, food and anything they can to help.

Community members have utilized Facebook to make and answer requests. Mary Brown from LO Cattle Company 10 miles west of Sand Springs off of Highway 200 says, “The outpouring of love has been so generous with food and groceries that food and water is no longer a concern for the firefighters. Now, we are looking at all the people that have been completely devastated by this fire who are trying to find ways to pay for hay and take care of their cattle. The only way they can do that is through finding trucking, money and hay sources.”

The fires continue to burn as the wind has picked up on Monday morning.  Many ranchers are still fighting to defend what land and livestock they have left and can only dream at this point of what “rebuilding” will look like.

For those who are interested in helping, here is a running list of what is needed and where you can help or donate:


·        Jana Hance, Redwater Valley Bank: 406-485-4782, mobile 406-974-2555

Send details to Jana at jana@redwatervalleybank.com

Call Jana and let her know what you have to donate OR what you need.


·     Lori Murnion at 406-977-2334

FENCING DONATIONS (Material Drop-off): 

**When dropping off, please call ahead!!**

·        Lori Murnion: Lori is coordinating drop off and unloading please call her ahead of time at 406-977-2334

·       Jordan drop-off: Please go to Lammers Brothers on the 97 Highway 200 East North side of Jordan, Lammers is a drop-off point only, they are not coordinating pick-ups.


FOOD/FIRST AID/PERSONAL DONATIONS: (Recommended: On the go foods, travel size toiletries, fruits)

·        Jeana Stanton 406-230-2217

·        Sherlie Hains 406-230-1672

·        Ryan’s Grocery in Jordan. Also accepting credit card donations over the phone 406-557-2744

** at this time they are not collecting water, Gatorade, clothing, toys or household goods until the assessment is finished**


·     Lori Murnion at 406-977-2334



·        Checks can be made to Garfield County Fire Foundation c/o Garfield County Bank PO Box 6, Jordan, MT  59337 (406-557-2201) or send to Circle c/o Redwater Valley Bank, PO Box 60, Circle, MT 59215 (406-485-4782). NOTE: Applications for Short term and long term funds can be made to Garfield County Fire Foundation and will be distributed by their board. Call the Garfield County Bank for more info.

·        Cash and credit card donations for fuel are accepted at Farmers Union Oil / Cenex in Jordan at 406-557-2215

·        Cash and credit card donations are accepted at the Sand Springs Store 3198 Highway 200W (Sandy Gibson – 406-557-6144)

·        Cash and credit card donations for fuel are accepted in Winnett at B&D Gas Station (406-429-5291)

·     Cash donations for fencing, hay and grazing are accepted by Petroleum County Stockgrowers Relief Fund PO BOX 147 Winnett, MT 59087

·     Online donations can be made here.



**Please have drop-offs occur between 9am and 5pm**

·        Jordan: VFW Hall

·        Winnett: 221 W Main St. (Beth Hoverson)


·        Baker: DES Alycia Conroy 406-978-3977

·        Big Timber: Sweet Grass County Fairgrounds – 7/26-7/28 (Lydia Sargent 406-223-0688)

·        Billings:

o   Joy Global at 1124 main Street. Drop-off between 6:30am and 4:00pm, Mon-Fri.  (Gerard Murnion406-200-5511)

o   NILE office Metra – Sending horse trailer load

o   Western Ag Reporter accepting donations as well (Contact Linda Grosskopf)

·        Bozeman: KB Building Supply shop at 8256 Huffine Lane.

·        Bridger: Town and Country Supply Crystal 406-662-3623

·        Circle:

o Circle Sherriff Office


o Ryan Ketchum Trucking gathering pallets of barbed wired, bundles of steels & ties, water tanks, also collecting money to purchase supplies.

He is coordinating with the following businesses to come pickup in those towns and deliver to Jordon. Contact Ryan Ketchum 406-853-1131 or Erin at 406-974-2059.

·        Forsyth: Rosebud County Sherriff Office

·        Glasgow: Haylie Shipp – 406-853-0483

·        Glendive:

            o  AgPro Solutions 1028 N. Anderson, Jesse at 406-939-3088

            o  Border Steele 406-377-4398 or 1-800-423-5219

            o  Paramount Service and Supply 38 Highway 200 South, Ty Zimdars at 406-987-3533

    o   XPO Logistics will have drop off location at Runnings, Mike Poavs at 406-855-3942

·        Grass Range: Little Montana Truck Stop

·        Joliet: Copper Willow Salon, Jasper  at 406-647-9879

·        Lewistown: Fergus County 4-H Ambassadors are accepting donations at the Central Montana Fair     contact Jennifer at 406-366-1677

·        Livingston: Spur-Line contact Sophi at 406-220-3338

·        Meagher County: Sherriff’s Office. Call Tara Mathews at 406-223-0784

·        Miles City: 

o Miles City Livestock – 406-234-1790

o Murdoch’s is offering discounts on fencing supplies and gathering donations and coordinating delivery (Call Linda Hardwood 406-232-3422)

o Ace Hardware

o Cowtown Ag

o East Main Animal Clinic & Country Paws Kennels is offering kennel space for small animals, 406-234-6900 or 406-852-0066

o Bridger Steel and Recycling: collecting fencing supplies,12 Peggy Lane-406-874-7428

·        Opheim: 

o Les Redfield 406-724-7202

o Pro-Coop 406-762-3231

·        Red Lodge: Red Lodge Rodeo Grounds call Chris Jeffrey 406-697-3526

·        Roundup: Kilby Colony contact Joe Stahl 406-320-0440

·        Sidney:

o Reynolds Market

·        Scobey:

o Farver Farms north of town 406-783-7113

o Reeverts Fencing LLC: 406-487-2362 accepting monetary donations for fencing supplies by phone

 ·        Wolf Point: Drop-off at Wilbur Ellis call JD Stensland at 406-853-8352

Northern Ag Note: 

It is essential that you contact the team leads above before showing up to help or donate. 

Donation collection points will continue to be updated. To supply additions or changes to this information please contact Courtney Brown Kibblewhite (ckibblewhite@northernbroadcasting.com)  or Amelia Manuel (amanuel@northernbroadcasting.com) or call Northern Ag at 406-252-6661

Mary Brown

Courtesy of Mary Brown, Brown Ranch in Sand Springs