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Zinke says Obama’s Strategy on Terrorism Falling Short

Despite increasing2015 12 14 - Ryan Zinke at Woolgrowers terrorism threats at home and abroad, the Obama Administration has not announced any dramatic shifts in strategies to combat terrorist. In his December 6 address to the nation, President Obama offered his words of reassurance that “The threat of terrorism is real, but we will overcome it.” For many Americans, Obama’s comments fell short of calming nerves or convincing the country that his strategy against terrorism is working.

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke agrees with Americans who believe that Obama’s strategy against terrorism is simply inadequate. On Montana’s state-wide talk show, Zinke said, “This president does not have a strategy to contain, defeat, or win.”

In terms of the domestic threat, Zinke commented, “Congress did take action to suspend the refugee program until we figure out the vetting. Because when you don’t have a database and the administration says we are using biometrics, biometrics without a database is nearly meaningless.”

Zinke also addressed the European Visa Waiver Program which allows 38 countries to go online and get an expedited visa. “There are about 5,000 European Union visa holders we know that have fought alongside ISIS…We need to shut that down.”

A final threat to domestic security Zinke mentioned was border management. “Our southern border still remains wide open, and it is a risk that we should not put up with anymore.”

Zinke also commented on our foreign tactics for fighting terrorism, “Overseas what we see is that if we are going to find and send our troops, which are our sons and daughters in harms way, then we owe it to have the right equipment, training, and the right rules of engagement to win decisively. The rules of engagement that are in place are not conducive to winning. Air operations alone will never be effective. We are losing our standing as a country while our enemy which is Iran still is emerging to reconstruct Persia…Iran still is in my judgment the number one threat. They still spawn terrorism.”