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092217 Voices of Montana w/Jon Arneson feat. Kaye Norris, Pat Reuss, Mary Helgeson and Bo Bruinsba Part 1

Kaye Norris; Project Director for HealthCARE MT, Pat Reuss; Healthcare Coach; Mary Helgeson; Eastern Region Workforce Coordinator, and Bo Bruinsba, Northeast and East Regions Apprentice Specialist were our guests.  We have a serious workforce shortage which greatly affects rural healthcare. They talked about that and a $15 Million grant through the US DLI that is making healthcare education and apprenticeship accessible to all Montanans – even in the most rural areas.  The grant is in it’s last year and has  many accomplishments. It is working with 15 two year colleges and over 200 healthcare employers (especially the rural critical access hospitals) to get healthcare education on-line and distance-and to develop healthcare apprenticeships in Montana. It’s a huge deal that no one is reporting on.

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