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120518 Voices of Montana w/Jon Arneson feat. Duane Ankney and Lori Shaw

Senater Duane Ankney and Colstrip’s City Council Member, Lori Shaw came in to the studio to talk about the new  Lawsuits against Talen about the Clean-Up and the future of Colstrip. Former Colstrip power plant co-owner and operator PPL is suing Talen Energy over claims that PPL was late in funding environmental cleanup and pension costs at the facility.In District Court, PPL asserted that any shortage in cash for environmental cleanup or employee benefits was because of the mismanagement by Talen.Talen, sued its predecessor, claiming PPL took $733 million from its Montana holdings that should have stayed with the Colstrip operation to cover worker benefits and environmental cleanup commitments. Talen, once again, stated that it would press forward with its lawsuit against PPL.