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Need to market to an audience across Montana, Wyoming or the Western Dakotas? We are here to help.

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What Our Clients Think

Matthew Jones

Vice President of Marketing, BNSF Fort Worth, TX

“Northern Broadcasting worked with BNSF to develop an individualized communications strategy to fit our particular needs. Most importantly, the team at NBS works with us continually to improve our messaging and to reach specific audiences.”

Dean Folkvord

Owner, Wheat Montana Three Forks, MT

“We like the people at Northern Broadcasting, and the people they reach! We can’t get to a bigger audience, for the money. Plus, they help us produce each ad at no additional cost.”

Karen Yost

Owner, Nutralix Billings, MT

“Our involvement with NBS has evolved into a strong business relationship as well as a valued friendship. Over the years, they have proven to be incredibly professional and able to suit our needs at a moment’s notice. It is clear to us that our passions become theirs as they help us to achieve our goals. Overall, we view NBS as an irreplaceable partnership to Nutra-Lix. “