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Citizens For Balanced Use Working To Keep You Informed

I really enjoyed today’s Voices of Montana show and judging from our response from our callers and the emails many of you did too.


Our two guests were Jessica Sena and Randy Vogel representing “Citizens For Balanced Use” which is an organization that works hard to educate the public about public lands that our disappearing from the citizens of Montana.

Outdoors opportunities we enjoy here in Montana are numerous including hunting, fishing, hiking, riding motorized vehicles that include snow mobiles and 4-wheeler’s and many, many more.

Citizens for Balanced works to remind Montanans that in the last 3 decades the US government and its agencies have subtracted thousands of miles of trails and tens of thousands of acres of land for specific user groups.

According to Jessica Sena, 1.2 Millions Acres of Montana’s 5.1 million acres of state and school trust lands are landlocked and another way to look at it is 22,000 miles of roads are closed since the year 2000.

Another point that was brought up during the show is that Jon Tester’s spokesperson told the Billings Gazette on Monday that the Senator “has always worked hard to keep public lands open”


Randy Vogel commented that Tester’s Wilderness Bill, would lock up more lands if it ever was passed. Even right now 30,000 acres of lands in the paradise valley are marked for closure.

A caller from Kalispell brought up what is being called the “Quiet Waters Initiatives” He explained the initiative is being proposed to keep all motorized vehicles off of many hundreds of miles of Montana waterways.

Many other callers that we heard from expressed their frustration of what one caller stated was a “rigged system” When they work to keep lands open for multiple use its impossible to stop the government when they want the land closed.

Jessica is currently on a statewide tour this month promoting the Citizens for Balanced use organization to make sure Montana citizens are aware of how much land is being locked up with no chance of using it for recreation.

The web site where you can learn much more about the Citizens for Balance use organization is here and to listen to Tuesday’s show visit our web site here

Jon Arneson