December 8, 2016 Voices Of Montana, _Default

We Live In A Republic Not A Democracy & For This We Should All Be Thankful.

After nearly every election in which a presidential candidate wins the electoral college vote but loses the popular vote, the hue and cry goes forth to abolish said electoral college.

flag 2And each time students of the Constitution & U.S. history must explain AGAIN why the concept is termed ‘absolutely brilliant’ by Constitutional experts and why it has stood the
nation in good stead for over 200 years. A recent Gallup pole shows support for abolishing the electoral college is at an all time low. (This may be because more citizens are studying
the Constitution, Federalist papers and U.S. history.)
The Founders had good reason for creating the college: it allowed for presidential elections to be determined NOT by the popular vote BUT by the electoral college. Why is this?
To quote Constitutional expert, Mark Levin, “We are a federal republic. We are not a democracy. The states were to have a primary role in this republic – a bigger role than the federal government.”
The electoral college helps guarantee such.
The electoral college was designed to prevent the concentration of power in just a few, heavily populated states with a specific ideology. Do we want elections determined by eight or ten states and three or four regions?
Without the electoral college how many candidates would ever visit states like MT, Iowa, New Hampshire, Louisiana? What say would such sparsely populated states have in choosing a candidate?

declaration of IndependanceThe electoral college helps to give an equal voice to each state, regardless of population. (it remains germane that the folks in places like MT, etc., do NOT want the left and right coasts running the nation & determining it’s future.)
Until the 17th amendment passed, U.S. Senators were elected by their respective state senates. It wasn’t a perfect system but it did insure that the states were given the power intended them by the Founders.
The 17th Amendment ended that practice & basically handed power over to the federal government & its ballooning bureaucracy… and look what we have now – a federal Leviathan of astonishing and invasive power
& accountable to no one.
Short of repealing the 17th Amendment, the electoral college is one of the few remaining institutions we have to keep power at the state level and give all Americans a voice.