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Montana Senator David Howard Still Fighting Against Illegal Immigration

Montana state senator, David Howard feels very strongly about numerous subjects, but none more than illegal immigration. The Park City resident has been part of the Montana legislature since 2009 including 3 terms in the state house and presently serving his 2nd term in the senate, and he was our guest Thursday morning.

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David Howard & Jon Arneson

He is the only law maker, in that time to get any illegal immigration bill out of the Montana house and senate and on to the governor’s desk, the first vetoed by Governor Schweitzer and the other denied by the Montana supreme court due to “improper language” something that he can only shake his head at.

Senator Howard joined us for the hour on Voices of Montana and commented on what he calls the oppositions open border philosophy “We have rampant illegal aliens crossing our borders including human traffickers, criminal aliens, child smugglers and drug dealers. And thus, so far, we have solid opposition including blocking 25 billion dollars needed to build a wall on the southern border, to protect us from heroin and criminals of all sorts, I just don’t get it”

Senator Howard took several calls, texts and emails on the show and spoke on Montana issues including our budget deficit, medic aide, property taxes, health care, foster care, and workplace violence. He also speaks on his recently published book, and how you can get a copy.

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