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New Chancellor at MSU-Billings Focused on Growth

The new leader at Montana State-Billings has aggressive plans for the institution. Dan Edelman, PhD, the new Chancellor of the University, has a background in both Academia and Business.


Originally from a humble background in the Chicago area, he joined the US Army in 1976 and was wounded while serving. He says a big reason moving to Montana’s largest city was to “Help veterans, like himself, and try to slow down the high suicide rate in the state and in the nation.”

With the state of Montana having a high veteran population, and unfortunately, suicide rate, Dr. Edelman hopes to get more vets into college and then turn that education into good paying and rewarding careers.

Another goal of the Chancellor is to finish off the MSU-B Science Building, which is about $800,000 away from their goal. According to Dr. Edelman, “The plans are finished and its time to put that behind us, get it built, and on to the next project.”

Interested in learning more about Dr. Edelman and his goals for MSU-B? Join us on our Voices of Montana podcast right here, as I interviewed the Chancellor along with Dr. Waded Cruzado, President of Montana State University.

Jon Arneson