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Protect Our Seniors From Financial Exploitation

Tuesday’s Voices of Montana may have been the most informative show that we have done all year, Mainly because our guests were so informative and knowledgable on the subject of elderly abuse and scams in general.


Image courtesy of Northern Broadcasting

Our guests were Richard Heitstuman, the project coordinator with the Montana AAA legal services for Montana seniors and Katy Lovell, assistant legal services developer with the Montana development of public health and human services.

The show mainly focused on exploitation of our senior citizens finances but we discussed everything from caregivers exploitation and power of attorney abuses to predatory telemarketers and TV and internet sales scams and everything in between.

Have you heard of the weight loss, sweepstakes, and the helpful nephew scam’s or how about the grandparent and skimming scams plus all the power of attorney abuses taking place?

We talk about all of them, plus great calls from our audience!

I feel this show is very important and I hope you listen too it if you missed it live, just go to our pod cast right here.

Jon Arneson