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Tornado & Micro Burst Are No Match For Plentywood.

It is just heart-wrenching to hear about the strong summer storm that hit Northeastern Montana and wide portions of northwest North Dakota earlier this week. There are no better people on earth than these folks and nobody deserves these kinds of hardships.

KATQ Plentwood Storm

According to Tanya Fransen, Meteorologist with the Glasgow weather service, “this area was not only hit by a tornado but also a Macro Burst which is usually around 2.5 miles in diameter and produces winds around 135 mph.” Another event that occurred was hail, that was reported Monday night anywhere from tennis ball sized north of Plentywood, to golf ball size in the direct Plentywood area.

 That being said, it sounds like North Dakota was hit even harder with reports of 28 people being treated at the McKenzie County Hospital with some of those critical and even one death. So, what now?

Photo Courtesy KATQ

 According to the General Manager of our radio affiliate in Plentywood, Bonnie Simon, “A lot of clean up and volunteers that our willing to house some of those that lost their homes, mostly mobile homes. Nobody comes together better than this area of the US and we will come together and figure this out.”

 Speaking of the radio station in Plentywood, KATQ AM & FM, Simon reports that “we lost our FM translator and will have no FM signal for a while.” By The Way, the oldest FM in Montana, But she reports that anyone wishing to donate or help out, contact the radio station and they can steer you in the right direction.

 These small Northeastern Montana towns have had a real struggle to keep their heads above water, with life revolving around wheat and cattle prices, and of course the weather. The town of Plentywood, along with other towns hit by this storm, will get cleaned up, people will be taken care of, and things will be back to normal real fast, but nobody in this area will ever forget the summer of 2018, and it’s not even half over.

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Jon Arneson