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What To Do When Your President Wants To Drop In For A Visit?

Preparations are underway, for next week’s visit, by President Donald Trump, to Billings Metrapark.        He visited the magic city, in 2016, as citizen Trump, and this time, it’s expected, he’ll be drawing, a much bigger crowd. As luck would have it, Thursday was an open date, so there was no problem, in renting the arena, which will hold around 10,000 people. A visit, from a sitting president, is a different animal, than even the biggest concerts, and an advance team, will be planning, all the details. Before Vice President Mike Pence arrived, in Billings, July 24th, to stump for Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Matt Rosendale, as President Trump will do, an advance team of 12 staffers visited. For Billings,                          it will be the sixth time, a sitting president, has come to town.