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President Trump Event Guide From MetraPark In Billings

President Donald Trump’s visit to MetraPark in Billings, for a rally Thursday, for Matt Rosendale, has some logistical challenges, that I was able to hear about, from sales and marketing manager Ray Massie. Although tickets were made available via a website, there were more than the site can handle. Ray tells me, the fire marshal will decide, when enough is enough, and no more people will be permitted, at that time. About 800 parking positions usually available will be eliminated for security reasons, so parking in nearby neighborhoods will need to happen. When waiting in line, after the doors open at 4, water will be on sale and portable toilets will be available for use too. Ray says not to live dangerously and leave knives or firearms at home, because they will not get approved, and lines will be long, due to increased security. The one elevator in the Rimrock Auto Arena, will not be accessible either. President Trump is expected to speak around 8 o’clock, after an hour’s worth of speeches, from others, involved in the rally.