August 22, 2018 News Headlines 0 comment

RY Timber Gets Sabotaged

Last Week, RY Timber, out of Livingston, was given the green light, by the Forest Service, to begin operations, on the North Hegben forestry project, near West Yellowstone, which would help reduce wildfire risks, in nearby communities. Less than one day later, the Forest Service notified RY, that due to a preliminary injunction filed against them, they were forced to shut down, and move out. It is one of 21 current injunctions, against forest restoration projects, in Montana and Idaho, alone. To make matters worse, the next day, a lowboy transport arrived, at the site, to move the Feller Buncher, when the operator noticed someone had broken in, and cut every single wire they could. They must have known what they were doing too, as Resource Manager of RY, Edward Regan said, they cut the wires to a point where the machine couldn’t be put back together without calling in a specialized mechanic. The vandalism and sabotage of the logger’s equipment will cost the contractor at least $10,000, and a weeks worth of work. The investigation is ongoing.