September 12, 2018 Northern Sports Network 0 comment

Enrollment Numbers And Football!

Now we have all heard that if a high school has big enrollment numbers than it will pay back on the football field.  Well that is not always the case….especially in Montana class “A” football.  You see the two most successful programs Dillon and Billings Central are also two of the smallest class “A” schools in the state!  Before the 2017 football season one of those two programs had played in the state championship game 15 years in a row.  During that time they also combined to win 10 state titles!  Dillon this school year has an enrollment of just 308, Billings Central 325.  They are the second and third smallest class “A” schools.  They may be small but successful!

Than you have the Maroons of Butte Central.  The Maroons have a strong football program they have made the post season every year but once since 2002!  Just how big is Butte Central….only 130 students!   Keep in mind that the MHSA enrollment guidelines for class “A” are 307 to 778 students.  At just 130 students Butte Central would be a big class “C” school, yet they remind in “A”!

This year in Montana we have four “A” schools with an enrollment of over 600:

  1. 975  Belgrade (They will be “AA” next year)
  2. 675 Columbia Falls
  3. 654 Laurel
  4. 629 Browning
  5. 567 Hardin

The smallest “AA” school for this 2018-19 school year, Missoula Big sky at 1,122.  The top three in “AA”:

  1.  2,276  Bozeman
  2. 1,975  Billings Senior
  3. 1,875  Billings West