Glendive to Hamilton, Same As Going to Minneapolis!

Yes we really do live in a big state!  This weekend the four teams traveling during the quarter-final round of the class “A” playoffs will put on 4,030 miles round trip.  Leading the way the Glendive Red Devals taking a little trip to play at Hamilton this Saturday.  For Glendive that will be 593 miles one way!   Or about the same distance it would be if they went in the other direction toward Minneapolis.  It’s 537 miles for Miles City to travel to Columbia Falls, 526 for Dillon to go to Sidney and 359 for Frenchtown to take on Sidney.

It will also be 576 miles for the Fairview Warriors to travel across the state to play at Drummond and than the travel king for this weekend….West Yellowstone….596 miles to play at Grenora, N.D.