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Shocking Pick of Nike 30th Anniversary Spokesperson

Rocky Comments: Does Colin Kaepernick Qualify as a Role Model?

The year was 1988. Michael Jordan had just won his first NBA MVP award and soon after Nike came out with their fist Air Jordan shoes.  Let’s just say, they were a huge hit.  That was also the first time I bought Nike stock.

Thirty years later all I can say is what in the world is Nike thinking?  Tomorrow the 2018 National Football League season officially kicks off.  The NFL has a huge public relations problem with some players kneeling while the national anthem is being played.  The list of friends that I have who no longer watch or care about the NFL because of this huge issue is so long it would not fit on this page.

What does Nike have to do with the NFL?  Well, it involves millions and millions of dollars.  You see Nike is the sole supplier of uniforms for all 32 teams. Knowing this, then why in the world would Nike this week use former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick in their 30th anniversary campaign of “Just Do It”?   Kaepernick is the player who first started kneeling in 2016.  Nike spokesperson Gino Fisanotti says that Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation.   Kaepernick has also come out against the police and praised Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

All I can say is this, Nike should be embarrassed by this ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick.  Finally, I really love what Fox News Todd Starnes had to say, “COLIN KAEPERNICK IS ONLY QUALIFIED TO ENDORSE KNEE PADS!”

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