Rocky Erickson Honored to Speak in Front of Personal Hero

On March 30th, our own Rocky Erickson had the honor to speak in Baker in front of several different High School Student Council groups. The regional student council meeting included groups from Baker, Colstrip, Ekalaka, Miles City, Forsyth and Plevna.Ekalaka girls 2017

Introducing Rocky at the event was a personal hero of his baker’s Luke Gonsioroski. Many of you may remember the heartwarming story of Luke Gonsioroski overcoming cancer to achieve his dreams.

Two days before Luke’s junior prom his family received the diagnosis no one wants to hear, Luke had cancer. Luke was ordered to start 4 rounds of chemo treatments on March 29th 2016. After chemo treatments, the cancer was gone and doctors were ready to remove the tumor that was still threatening his heart and lungs.

Luke and his family traveled to the Yale Cancer Center in Connecticut. After a grueling 16 hours of surgery doctors were able to remove the eight-pound tumor that was on the top lobe of Luke’s right lung. The first thing on Luke’s mind after the surgery was football. Luke wrote a note to his dad asking “Can I still play football? Did they get it all?”

A short eight weeLuke Baker 2017ks after surgery Luke lead his Baker Spartans to win their season opener and a 6-3 record last fall. Luke was healthy again, he was able to compete in the sport he loved so dearly. This spring Luke announced that he will be joining Texas Tech as a preferred walk-on. Luke always dreamed of playing division 1 football and after beating cancer his dream has become a reality.