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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton's son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age ...
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It’s All About Schools! Safety, Funding, Report Cards, and What Happened During the Legislative Process

How are our schools doing? We had Superintendent Elsie Arntzen on the show to talk about: School Safety The Report ...
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Legislative Update: Medicaid Expansion Bill with Ed Buttrey

We spoke with Representative Ed Buttrey about the Medicaid Expansion bill that passed out of the legislature and is heading ...
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Legislative Update: The Infrastructure Bonding Bill With Mike Hopkins

Legislative Update: We spoke with Representative Mike Hopkins about the Infrastructure Bonding Bill. The $80 Million bill provides a framework ...
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Beyond Colstrip, What is The Montana Electric Supply Plan and Why Should You Care?

We spoke with John D. Hines, NorthWestern Energy Vice President of  Supply and Montana Government Affairs. By listening to this episode, ...
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Learn How a Montana Rancher is Putting USDA Conservation Programs into Action

Tom Watson is the State Conservationist for Montana USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He gave us a general overview ...
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    Tom Harris, Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Tom Harris is executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition

    The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) is a non-partisan group of independent scientists, economists, and energy and policy experts formed in 2008 to promote better understanding of climate science and policy worldwide. The ICSC aims to help create an environment in which a more rational, open discussion about climate issues emerges, thereby moving the debate away from implementation of costly and ineffectual “climate control” measures. ICSC encourages assisting vulnerable peoples to adapt to climate variability and continuing scientific research into the causes and impacts of climate change.

    Mr. Harris lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has 30 years’ experience as a mechanical engineer/project manager, science and technology communications professional, and technical trainer. He was science and technology advisor to a former Opposition senior environment critic in Canada’s Parliament. From 2006 to 2008, he was executive director of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Canada).

    In December 2007, Harris and Dr. Robert Carter, formerly of James Cook University in Australia, coordinated an open letter from 100 top climate experts to the Secretary General of United Nations during the Bali Climate Change Conference.

    From 2009 to 2011 (four sessions), he taught a total of 1,500 students “Climate Change: an Earth Sciences Perspective,” a second-year course in the Faculty of Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

    Mr. Harris is perhaps the most frequently cited and interviewed critic of exaggeration and alarmism in the global warming debate, appearing thousands of times on online news forums and being regularly published in newspapers in Canada and the U.S. and occasionally in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and other countries. He is often interviewed on radio and TV. A few of many recent media appearances include the following:


  • 12

    Patrick Wood, President of "Citizens For Free Speech"

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Everyone in the truth movement by now knows about the censorship on social media where the tech giants, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are trying to silence dissent by demonetizing, shadow-banning and even removing content. This is all part of the Deep State’s attempt at social engineering by forcing the population to fit their prescribed agenda. Hiring left-wing whacko

    The main reason the First Amendment contained free speech and freedom of the press clauses was so that journalists could openly criticize government without fear of retribution… now the press IS the government. Like Pravda in Russia, the MSM receives its scripts from the government, to the point where the narratives provided the people are virtually disseminated verbatim. But you already know all of this…

    Sites such as Steemit and Minds.org are striving to keep the truth narrative alive and with it the unencumbered flow of information. But we need more- there can never be too many sources of the truth. One reason we have #informationwar here on Steemit and Discord is to consolidate sources of information that counter the deceptive MSM narrative. Now author, lecturer and founder of Technocracy News, Patrick Wood, is offering up another alternative social media platform… Citizens for Free Speech is resurrecting the LocalActivist.org website- and they need out help. I’ll post a link to the site so you can read for yourself and see how you can help, whether monetarily, volunteering, or whatever. There are only two sides in this fight- there is no neutral ground. If you don’t take a proactive stand for free speech, don’t complain when they take yours away.

    groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and algorithms to detect politically incorrect speech they seek to erase conservative voices calling it “hate speech.”

    Facebook has employed censors to decide which sources of news are “suitable for viewing,” using predominately Snopes, a Soros backed organization. Remember, all social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering and the best way to perpetuate a lie is to prohibit people from challenging it. If they win, we will lose a lot more than freedom of speech.


  • 13

    Montana Congressman, Greg Gianforte

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Congressman Gianforte, joins us for his weekly update on what is happening in Washington DC.

  • 16

    Gary Adams-APHIS Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Mr. Adams, a specialist in Bio-Control tells us, how he thinks its working and whats new in Inspection Services.

  • 17

    Christina Quick Henderson, Executive Director of Montana High Tech Business Alliance.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Montana High Tech Business Alliance Announces 25 Montana Top Tech Employers 2018

    The Montana High Tech Business Alliance has announced a list of 25 Montana Top Tech Employers for 2018. This is the second year the organization has recognized notable employers among high-tech and manufacturing in Montana’s booming tech industry.

    A 2018 survey conducted by the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found Alliance member companies are growing faster than ever – 9 times the overall Montana economy – and expect to add nearly 1,200 new jobs this year that pay twice the median wage.

    The top tech employers list builds upon the 2017 list, which listed notable employers like Montana Precision Products, onX, Spika Design and Manufacturing, Foundant, Elixiter, and PFL. The 2018 list adds 25 more companies to help job-seekers and community leaders identify Montana companies that are creating jobs, investing in their communities, and bringing wealth into the state.

    Montana’s top tech employers are engaged in a variety of industries, such as engineering, manufacturing, consulting, construction, retail, software and photonics. All firms selected hire skilled employees and leverage technology in their operations.

    Companies fit two or more of the following criteria:

    • 20 employees or more

    • plans to grow workforce in Montana

    • established in the state for more than 10 years

    • consistently hiring

    • involved in the community

     The 25 Montana Top Tech Employers 2018 include:

    1. Advanced Electronic Designs, Bozeman

    2. Allied Steel, Lewistown

    3. Applied Materials, Kalispell

    4. AT&T, Missoula

    5. ATG, Missoula

    6. ATR, Hamilton

    7. Blackfoot, Missoula

    8. Blackmore Sensors and Analytics, Bozeman

    9. Century Companies, Lewistown

    10. CTA, Bozeman

    11. Edulog, Missoula

    12. FICO, Bozeman

    13. Helix Business Solutions, Dillon

    14. KOA, Billings

    15. Loenbro, Great Falls

    16. Montana Instruments, Bozeman

    17. Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, Bozeman

    18. Oracle, Bozeman

    19. PROOF Research, Columbia Falls

    20. Schedulicity, Bozeman

    21. SoFi, Helena

    22. Synesis 7, Butte

    23. WGM Group, Missoula

    24. Workiva, Bozeman

    25. Zoot Enterprises, Bozeman


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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton’s son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age of three. The Worden Montana family is asking for help from sellers of cattle. Please bring in a calf yearling cow or whatever you can to Billings Livestock for a special sale September 19th. Debra […]

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