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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton's son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age ...
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It’s All About Schools! Safety, Funding, Report Cards, and What Happened During the Legislative Process

How are our schools doing? We had Superintendent Elsie Arntzen on the show to talk about: School Safety The Report ...
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Legislative Update: Medicaid Expansion Bill with Ed Buttrey

We spoke with Representative Ed Buttrey about the Medicaid Expansion bill that passed out of the legislature and is heading ...
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Legislative Update: The Infrastructure Bonding Bill With Mike Hopkins

Legislative Update: We spoke with Representative Mike Hopkins about the Infrastructure Bonding Bill. The $80 Million bill provides a framework ...
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Beyond Colstrip, What is The Montana Electric Supply Plan and Why Should You Care?

We spoke with John D. Hines, NorthWestern Energy Vice President of  Supply and Montana Government Affairs. By listening to this episode, ...
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Learn How a Montana Rancher is Putting USDA Conservation Programs into Action

Tom Watson is the State Conservationist for Montana USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He gave us a general overview ...
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September 21 - September 27
  • 21

    The Western Landowners Alliance Asks; Are We Protecting The Lands,The Wildlife & Our Rural Livelihoods Enough?

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Western working lands feed, water and fuel the nation while sustaining up to 80 percent of the region’s wildlife species. These lands, their wildlife, and those who make their living from them face increasing pressures.

    While the original conservation movement has focused primarily on legal protections for land and species, the next era of conservation must shape economic conditions and policies that actively foster healthy landscapes, rural livelihoods and wildlife.

    Join us to help improve the stewardship and economics of working landscapes, increase mutual understanding among stakeholders and identify areas of agreement. Come engage in helping us forge a productive path forward.

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  • 24

    Dr. Mark Nechodom-Montana Department of Agriculture Administrator

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    How does the department of agriculture help people at the local level when it comes to weeds.

    We discuss this with Dr Nechodom and will be taking your calls and texts.

  • 25

    Del Takett & Dick Pence Speaking On "The Truth Project"

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    “It is hard to imagine anything more important for the Christian, especially in the times in which we live, than to stand firmly upon a solid biblical worldview foundation… one that provides a comprehensive and systematic understanding of every area of life and reality.” -Del Tackett

    A Cultural Engager

    Del hosted and taught the Cross Examine television series. He also created several video series, including Who Is Jesus? and Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project, a worldview curriculum estimated to have been seen by over 12 million people worldwide.

    A Public Servant

    Del served more than 20 years as an officer in the United States Air Force. During the George H. W. Bush administration, he served at the White House as director of technical planning for the National Security Council.

    An Engineer

    Del worked for years in the software engineering discipline and led the tiger team that developed a critical command and control system for NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

    An Educator

    Del is one of the founders of New Geneva Theological Seminary and was a professor of numerous worldview courses. He led and taught for years at the collegiate Focus Leadership Institute. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor for the Alliance Defending Freedom, Summit Ministries and Impact 360. Del has his doctorate in Management and Computer Science.

  • 26

    Montana Historical Society's 45th Annual Montana History Conference

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    The Montana Historical Society’s 45th Annual Montana History Conference will be Thursday, September 27, 2018, to Saturday, September 29, 2018, in Billings, MT.  This year’s theme is Rimrocks, Rivers, and Rolling Plains: History from the Yellowstone Valley.  Travel scholarships are available for teachers and students.  Visit the society’s website for registration information and travel scholarship information.  The deadline for advance registration is Friday, September 21, 2018.

  • 27

    Ken Robison-Montana Historical Author

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    The Montana historical conference is in Billings this year, so we get to visit in studio with Montana author Ken Robison. His book is authored “World War 1 and Montana: The Treasure State prepares. We will talk about the book and much more on Montana history.

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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton’s son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age of three. The Worden Montana family is asking for help from sellers of cattle. Please bring in a calf yearling cow or whatever you can to Billings Livestock for a special sale September 19th. Debra […]

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