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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton's son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age ...
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It’s All About Schools! Safety, Funding, Report Cards, and What Happened During the Legislative Process

How are our schools doing? We had Superintendent Elsie Arntzen on the show to talk about: School Safety The Report ...
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Legislative Update: Medicaid Expansion Bill with Ed Buttrey

We spoke with Representative Ed Buttrey about the Medicaid Expansion bill that passed out of the legislature and is heading ...
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Legislative Update: The Infrastructure Bonding Bill With Mike Hopkins

Legislative Update: We spoke with Representative Mike Hopkins about the Infrastructure Bonding Bill. The $80 Million bill provides a framework ...
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Beyond Colstrip, What is The Montana Electric Supply Plan and Why Should You Care?

We spoke with John D. Hines, NorthWestern Energy Vice President of  Supply and Montana Government Affairs. By listening to this episode, ...
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Learn How a Montana Rancher is Putting USDA Conservation Programs into Action

Tom Watson is the State Conservationist for Montana USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He gave us a general overview ...
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February 04 - February 10
  • 04

    Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale, & State Senator Albert Olszewski

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Montana lawmaker Al Olszewski and state insurance commissioner Matt Rosendale are going after a generally hidden part of the health care system, with new regulations aimed at bringing down prescription drug costs. Companies in the drug supply chain, and the state’s biggest health insurance companies are

    In recent years, State Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has tried to change how individuals called pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, operate in the state.

    According to Montana officials, PBMs negotiate deals between drug manufacturers and insurance companies and government health plans that supply them to patients. Those deals are often incredibly difficult to navigate and almost impossible for the consumer to follow or understand.

    Mr. Rosendale will be taking your calls and texts.

  • 05

    President of the Montana State Senate Scott Sales (R) Bozeman & Senator Dan Salomon (R) Ronan

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Scott Sales and Dan Salomon give us their take on the 66th Legislative session.


  • 06

    Representatives Tom Welch, Dillon, Butch Gillespie, Ethridge, David Bedey, Hamilton & Llew Jones of Conrad Montana

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    We are looking forward to your calls, texts and emails.

    866-627-5483 is your hot line!

  • 07

    United States Congressman Greg Gianforte & His Response On The "State Of The Union Speech"

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    The Congressman joins us for an update from the United States Congress and his feelings on the State of the Union speech by President Donald Trump.

  • 08

    Voices of Montana Broadcasting Live From Glendive & The 44th Glendive Agri-Trade Exposition

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Glendive Agri-Trade Exposition

    February 8-9, 2019 at the E.P.E.C.

    Montana farms, ranches and ag related businesses are experiencing both unparalleled successes and challenges. The GATE tradeshow offers a 40 year history of showcasing vendors and being a great place for people to network, learn about new products and spend time with their neighbors.

    Vendors are coming from every sector of the agriculture industry and from multiple states and Canada. This will prove to one of the best years yet. Free seminars will now be held both Friday and Saturday.

  • 09
    No events
  • 10
    No events
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Worden Family’s Experience with Muscular Dystrophy

Paul and Laura Heaton’s son Grant is five years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Musecular Dystrophy at the age of three. The Worden Montana family is asking for help from sellers of cattle. Please bring in a calf yearling cow or whatever you can to Billings Livestock for a special sale September 19th. Debra […]

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