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November 25 - December 01
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    Doug Crabtree-Board President, The Montana Organic Association Plus, Darryl L. James Consultation.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    November 27, 2018

    We will talk with members of the MOA about the Organic market in Montana.

    How do other farmers and ranchers feel about buying and growing Organic in Montana.

    Is organic popular in the treasure state?

    These questions and more with MOA board members.

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    Montana Child Protection Alliance - Trying To Keep Children Safe.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    November 28, 2018

    Julie Mitchell will join us, She is a grandmother whose grandchild was removed from their family and adopted by another, also April Hall. She lost her grandchild when she was murdered. April was one of the folks who got the grandparent group going. Cleve Loney, of Great Falls and board member of MCPA will also join in.

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    Montana State Senator (R) Kerry White of Bozeman & Montana State House Member Alan Redfield (R) of Livingston Preview The Up-Coming Legislative Session

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    November 29, 2018

    So much to talk about with these two politicians.

    Wrap up of the 2018 Montana hunting season, 2018 Shoulder hunts, taxes, tourism, private property rights, water rights and more state sales tax ideas plus your calls and texts.

    Remember to call us with your thoughts at 866-627-5483 between 9 and 10 am.

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    Broadcasting Live From The 135th Montana Wool Growers Convention In Billings!

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    November 30, 2018


    Guest post by Dr. Whit Stewart, Montana State University Sheep Extension Specialist

    The Montana sheep industry reinvests in it’s future by making educational opportunities possible for the next generation!

    A generous Targhee yearling ewe donation from Hughes Newford Co. raised $1,200 from buyers Randy Tunby, McRae Brothers Targhee, Thomas Blaine and Timber Coulee Columbias for a trip of five Montana youth to the Lamb 300 short course in Laramie Wyoming November 3rd to 5th. Proceeds from the donated ewe will cover registration and lodging during the program. Attendees will either have the option of traveling as a group from Bozeman or by their own transportation. Those interested in carpooling from Bozeman will leave the afternoon of November 1st to tour lamb packing locations in Colorado on Nov 2nd. While the scholarship is made available for young producers between the ages of 18 and 40, any interested producers, agricultural educators, agency representatives, and chefs are encouraged to attend.

    To be eligible for the scholarship producers need to 1) submit written justification regarding their future goals in the sheep industry and how the LAMB 300 class will help achieve these goals, 2) submit contact information for a sheep industry reference (name and phone number). Written justification and sheep industry reference need to be submitted no later than October 15th to whit.stewart1@montana.edu. Any questions please contact Dr. Whit Stewart 406.994.3758.

    What is LAMB 300?

    LAMB 300 is a three-day, hands-on workshop designed for progressive individuals involved with all aspects of the sheep industry. The course will focus on teaching producers, feeders, and marketers (regardless of the size or type of operation) how to produce and market quality lambs and lamb products. Participants will learn how environmental, nutritional, genetic, and managerial factors contribute to meat quality. Participants will also learn how meat quality factors influence the price producers receive for lamb and lamb products marketed through various outlets.

    This program will increase one’s understanding of lamb quality and marketing, enabling participants to make informed decisions to improve profitability, competitiveness, and wholesomeness of their products. Packer, retailers, and chef participation is also encouraged, as each segment gains appreciation for opportunity to improve profitability for all involved in the production of lamb and enhance the quality eating experience for the consumer. The course will feature nationally recognized speakers in the area of sheep production, feeding, processing, and marketing.

    For additional information on Rocky Mountain LAMB 300, contact: Warrie Means, (307) 766-5283 or means@uwyo.edu; Jan Busboom, WSU Meat Specialist, (509)335-2880 or busboom@wsu.edu; Lesa Eidman, Superior Farms Director of Producer Resources and Sustainability, (503)297-3523 or lesa.eidman@superiorfarms.com; or Sarah M. Smith, WSU Regional Extension Specialist, (509)754-2011, Ext 4363 or smithsm@wsu.edu. More information and registration forms are available on the WSU at http://extension.wsu.edu/grant-adams/wp-content/uploads/sites/39/2016/08/2016-Lamb-300-Brochure-WY.pdf. Individuals who which to pay for the course with a credit card can do so by going to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2589825 and following the directions for on-line purchase.


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