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  • Montana State Auditor Matt Rosendale, & State Senator Albert Olszewski
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 4, 2019

    Montana lawmaker Al Olszewski and state insurance commissioner Matt Rosendale are going after a generally hidden part of the health care system, with new regulations aimed at bringing down prescription drug costs. Companies in the drug supply chain, and the state’s biggest health insurance companies are

    In recent years, State Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale has tried to change how individuals called pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, operate in the state.

    According to Montana officials, PBMs negotiate deals between drug manufacturers and insurance companies and government health plans that supply them to patients. Those deals are often incredibly difficult to navigate and almost impossible for the consumer to follow or understand.

    Mr. Rosendale will be taking your calls and texts.

  • Tom Calvin Author Of Wild Bill: The True Story Of The Frontiers First Gunslinger, WILD BILL HICKOK
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 12, 2019

    His name was Jim, but James Butler Hickok became WILD BILL. He was an icon, a superstar, more famous in his day than the President. Wild Bill Hickok was an American frontier legend.
    Tom Clavin, author of the #1 NY Times bestseller Dodge City, returns to the Wild West with WILD BILL: The True Story of the American Frontier’s First Gunslinger. WILD BILL is dramatic, thoroughly researched and completely entertaining. 
    Hickok’s was a gunslinger, a “shootist” – the American frontier’s first and most famous. His reputation and fame were both a blessing and a curse. While he “never killed a man who didn’t need killing,” many of the men he sent to Boot Hill had come to shoot him simply to gain a reputation of their own.
    Before he earned the moniker WILD BILL, Jim Hickok was just another young man looking for adventure. He was a successful Union spy, working behind enemy lines. He was a scout, mule team driver and sharpshooter.  But his life changed in 1865 when the first ever recorded quick-draw duel left former friend Davis Tutt dead on the street.
    An 1867 article in New Harper’s Monthly Magazine introduced the world to Wild Bill and gave him a reputation he spent his life living up to.  He looked and dressed the part: tall, thin, handsome, fearless, generous, and a wizard with his matched Colt pistols. Men feared him; women loved him. (And to add to his appeal with the latter, he bathed every day, a true anomaly in the Old West.)
    Hickok became a U.S. Marshall, imposing law and order on several lawless Western towns. He gambled, worked, and socialized with the likes of General George Armstrong Custer, Buffalo Bill Cody, John Wesley Hardin, and Frank and Jesse James.
    The women in Hickok’s life were as remarkable as the men. Though usually linked with Calamity Jane, the real love of his life was Agnes Lake, the first American woman to own a circus. Lake is an unsung legend herself, and Clavin hopes to change that.
    Wild Bill’s death was as dramatic as his life. He was shot from behind holding aces and eights, forever after known as the Dead Man’s Hand.
    You are scheduled with Tom Clavin (WILD BILL) on 2/12/19 @ 9:00amMT for 60 minutes. I’ll have the book shipped to you tomorrow and will reconfirm with phones, sites and related information two business days before the interview.
  • The Cavalry Group-“Protecting Your Rights To Own Animals From Attacks By Animal Rights Extremists”
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 20, 2019

    Animal owners and animal related businesses are under attack by those who seek to eliminate animal ownership and eliminate animal enterprise in America.

    Powerful, organized interests are using bully tactics or the force of government to push their radical animal rights agenda on law abiding animal owners and animal related businesses.

    Since 2012, The Cavalry Group has been advocating for animal owners and animal related businesses in addition to providing 24/7 access to legal defense to protect the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal related businesses, outdoor sportsmen, and animal agriculture interests nationwide against the onslaught of unwarranted search and seizure of their farm or animal enterprise.

  • Why Are American Consumers Still Paying The Bill For “Research & Development” For Prescription Drugs?
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 25, 2019

    Phil Kerpen—president of American Commitment—talks on why foreign price controls force Americans to pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world, and why we need to break these price controls in trade negotiations!

    According to Kerpin, Americans are justifiably angry that we pay the highest prescription drugs prices in the world – anger President Trump tapped into on the campaign trail.  The disparity exists because other rich countries use price control schemes, forcing American consumers to provide the returns on capital that justify the enormous research and development costs associated with bringing new cures to market;  the rest of the world free-rides on our innovation.

    The good news is that the Trump administration has been aggressive on the trade front in efforts to break foreign price control regimes; the bad news is that the Trump administration is also proposing to actually import foreign price control regimes into the Medicare program by adopting a payment formula that is pegged to foreign prices.

    In its recent report “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism,” the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) looked at “the impact on medical innovation of the U.S. adopting European-style price controls” and found: “If M4A would entail the same experience with below-market prices as other countries with socialized medicine, it would reduce the world market size and thereby medical innovation, and ultimately mean that future patients would forgo the health gains that would have come from these forgone innovations.”

    It is remarkable that, just days later, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar proposed setting prices for drugs in the Medicare Part B program, which are doctor-administered drugs, with a formula based on foreign price controls.

    That would directly undercut the efforts of the U.S. Trade Representative to combat foreign price controls.  A recent study by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that eliminating price controls in OECD countries would result in eight to 13 more drugs coming to market every year by 2030 and raise life expectancy in the United States by 1.1 to 1.6 years.

    The U.S. Commerce Department has found that easing foreign price control regimes could, by increasing research and development of new drugs, result in more competition and lower prices in the domestic U.S. market.

    Doing the opposite – imposing foreign price controls to the domestic market – would have disastrous consequences.

    Join us, as we discuss prescription drug costs for Americans with Phil Kerpin, President of American Commitment.

  • Billings Mayor Bill Cole & What Is “One Big Sky Center”? And Why We All Should Know About It
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 26, 2019

    Mayor of Billings, Montana will be on the air to explain exactly what Billings and “One Big Sky” are proposing to the Montana Legislature.

    Joining us will be Billings Police Captain Kevin Iffland who is also the Billings assistant city administrator who’s been with the Billings Police Department 23 years.

    Mr. Iffland, 48, is also in charge of the Office of Professional Standards, where he supervises many of the department’s support services and special assignments. As part of his job, he fields complaints against officers and is in charge of internal affairs investigations. Crime prevention, hiring and training are also under his purview.
  • Campaign to Stop Terrorists from Recruiting American Kids! International Human Rights Advocate-Raheel Raza
    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    February 27, 2019

    Raheel Raza—Clarion Project Advisory Board member, a founding member of the Muslim Reformer Movement, and international human rights activist—to come on the show regarding the Clarion Project’s new “Preventing Violent Extremism” campaign to prevent the spread of radical Islamic ideology and violence among American children and youth.  Might you have some time to have Raheel Raza on the show this week or next week?

    The FBI is investigating radical Islamic terror plots in all 50 states, but many Americans are ignorant to this fact and wrongly believe “it won’t happen to me.”  The U.S. has no national program to prevent and counter violent extremism—and most local programs intervene too late.

    Raheel Raza contends that America’s youth are being radicalized, and that this crisis requires immediate action to prevent violent attacks in the United States and Western world.

    Raheel Raza:  “According to CIA estimates about 2000 Westerners have travelled to Iraq and Syria (many via Turkey) to join ISIS.  It’s estimated that from these more than 100 came from the USA.”

    Raheel Raza:  “The radicalization of youth is at a crisis level and in speaking with parents, youth, activists and legislators, there is a general agreement that there need to be programs put into place to help the youth.  Essentially there is not safe space “between the Mosque and the Mall” for Muslim youth to express their concerns.  The ones who are recruited are troubled youth with nowhere to turn, hence the mercenaries pounce on them—both Muslim and non-Muslim.”

    Raheel Raza:  “Clarion Project’s plan to educate youth before they are radicalized is a way of resolving the issue.  Their films and educational material addresses the issues that many people do not want to address given the politically correct climate we live in.  However hate taught at a young age is something we must address.  As a mother and grandmother I am concerned about the next generation of Muslim youth and want to provide support before it’s too late.”

    Radicalization can affect all children at any age. A child can be radicalized by race supremacists, religious extremists and social militarization.  Once a child is on the conveyor belt to radicalization, it’s nearly impossible to get off.  We can stop our kids from being pulled onto the conveyor belt in the first place.  Parents, teachers, a whole community, can prevent the radicalization process.  We just need to know the signs and how to respond.  Every child deserves to be protected against radicalization…and its repercussions.

    The Clarion Project’s “Preventing Violent Extremism” (PVE) campaign is a training program offered to the public, educators, law enforcement and government sectors that provides a three-stage strategy as follows:

    1)    How radicalization works and the process of recruitment

    2)    How to identify the tendencies in a child that would potentially lead him or her to extremism

    3)    How to meet the emotional and psychological needs of these children