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Manufacturing in Montana?


According to the President and CEO, of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Webb Brown, “Its definitely on the upswing and growing every year.” Certainly, good news for business in the state of Montana.


Courtesy of Webb Brown

On May 22nd, the Chamber will hold the 2018 Manufacturing & International Trade Day in Missoula. According to Brown “Its not only that manufacturing is up, but the exporting of those manufactured goods to people all around the world.”

Of course, there are always challenges since Montana is a land locked state and hard to get to, for most of the country. But, with the recent upturn in gun manufacturing, especially in Western Montana and the technology sector growing in places like Bozeman and Missoula plus, the future certainly looks bright!

Mr. Bill Lane, Vice chair of the Washington International Trade Foundations Board of Directors and retired director of Caterpillar Inc. Lane spoke on the national side of trade and manufacturing in America. Lane will also be hosting a round table discussion during the trade show, May 22nd.

For the full hour of talk about Montana trade and the national story from Lane, including Trade Wars, NAFTA, China, Canada, Mexico and Cuba, listen in to our Voices of Montana podcast right here.


Jon Arneson