June 11, 2018 Voices Of Montana

Does Free Trade & Low Tariffs Make America Prosperous?

What has made America so strong and prosperous? Many say our military might, while others say it’s all about our hard work and freedom’s. But many say the truth might be as easy as two words. “Fee Trade” Or maybe two other words like “Low Tariffs”

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The fact that the US is toward the top of the free trade tree might have a lot to do with its prosperity, some countries even take it a step further, Australia, for example, who’s tariffs are lower than those of America, could complain about free trade, but they don’t, because it all seems to be making them very rich. Hong Kong is doing quit well with no tariffs at all!

Others believe that we must be treated fairly, if another country is charged zero to sell their goods in America, and they charge, 25, 50 or even 100% to sell ours, then that is unfair and can no longer be tolerated. According to President Trump “That is not fair trade, it is stupid trade.”

What is the truth about free trade and tariffs? Voices of Montana’s guest Monday morning, June 11th, was Angela Marshall Hofmann, Deputy Director of “Farmers for Free Trade” She says “American farmers, ranchers and consumers benefit greatly from free trade. The food we export and the other agricultural products that we ship to other countries support over 1,000,000 jobs.”

Farmers for Free Trade states that it is a “bi-partisan, nonprofit organization comprised of farmers, ranchers, ag businesses and ag organizations that support ag trade.”

To learn more about free trade and its effects on Montana producers, Tune in to the entire radio show on our podcast, right here with Montana native and the Deputy Director for farmers for free trade, Angela Marshall Hofmann.

Jon Arneson