July 10, 2018 Voices Of Montana

Do We Need A Special Session For I-186?

The Montana Republican Party has control of the legislature, holding 91 of the state’s seats. Even so, their recent call for a special session seems to be dying a slow death.

 A majority of the states 150 legislators would have to approve the request for a special session to take place. All the Democrats are against the idea, and it appears 19 Republican law makers agree with the liberal party.


Tom Richmond & Jon Arneson

 A group of Republicans called for the special session to consider a referendum to accompany two ballot initiatives that could threaten the state’s economy.

The first ballot initiative would require hard rock mines in Montana to have a reclamation plan that would not require perpetual treatment of water polluted by the mine by contaminants. The second initiative would raise taxes on all tobacco products and allocate a percentage of those monies, to pay for Medicaid expansion.

 According to Dave Galt, Executive Director of Stop I -186, “If this initiative passes in November, it will kill jobs in Montana and could possibly kill the mining industry as a whole. Much like the special interest groups, and others, have done to the timber industry in western Montana.”

Montana Senator, Tom Richmond of Billings and former director of the Montana board of oil and gas, says “These smaller Montana towns that rely on these mining jobs may disappear. These are high paying jobs that really boost Montana’s economy.”

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Jon Arneson