October 30, 2017 Voices Of Montana

Do We Need An Article V Convention Of States?

Over the years, Voices of Montana and our Montana audience have discussed the question many times, “Do we need an article V Convention also referred to as a Con-Con?” Most of the debate seems to center around the fact that although our founders were brilliant, educated and unique individuals, they were not perfect.

Many feel the constitution is out dated and should have provisions in it so we can better, box in our corrupt leaders from pursuing their corrupt ways. Many Americans say “what do we have to lose”?  The supreme court doesn’t follow the constitution and it seems the document is no longer respected or obeyed by our leaders.

Robert Brown

Image courtesy of Robert Brown

But many, including my recent guest, political scholar, Robert Brown says that we don’t need to change the constitution. We need to learn and follow it and if we ever decide to change the constitution and open up  “Con-Con”, it very well could be a “runaway convention”.

This would be much like, Brown says took place in 1787 “It could have many unintended consequences that could hurt our country forever. Like amending our second amendment rights to bear arms…something that many on the left would love to do, even more so now since the tragic Las Vegas shootings.”

To listen to our hour-long discussion with Robert Brown including calls and text’s from all across Montana, listen in to our podcast right here.