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Glasgow Shows The Love For Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

Glasgow Eva Talk show

Northern News Network’s Rocky Erickson and Eva Kor.

83-year old Holocaust Survivor Draws Huge Crowd in Glasgow

On Tuesday, November 1st, Eastern Montana welcomed holocaust survivor Eva Kor to tell her story of survival and forgiveness to thousands.

You see Eva did not just survive the holocaust but she survived the worst death camp of them all Auschwitz.  At Auschwitz over two million Jews were murdered, including both of Eva’s parents, sisters and over 100 other family members.  Eva and her twin sister Miriam were keep alive by Dr. Josef Mengele and used as human guinea pigs in genetic experiments.  Over 3,000 twins were at Auschwitz and when the camp was liberated on January 27, 1945 less than 200 of these children were still alive.  Today there is less than 20 living and most reside in Israel.

Eighty-three year old Eva Kor had a rather busy day in Glasgow on Tuesday November 1.  She started the day at 9 AM at Farm Equipment Sales as she was the guest on our state wide talk show Voices of Montana.  It was an honor for me to host the program that day.  You see, I traveled with Eva to Auschwitz in 2013 and for me it was a life changing event.  Since then, I have spoken several times across the state telling her incredible survival stories.

Eva’s busy Tuesday continued as she spoke to the State Student Council meeting at 10:30AM than 2016 Glasgow Crowdat 1 PM over 1,500 high school students from Havre to Terry heard her speak.  That night, the free event was open to the public and a huge crowd of more than 2,500 showed up.  Following her talk, Eva signed autographs and took photos with those that attended until 10:30 that night. Thanks to Sarah Partridge of Farm Equipment Sales in Glasgow for sponsoring the visit from holocaust survivor and forgiveness advocate Eva Kor.

Please take the time to listen to Eva’s amazing story from our talk show recorded on November 1st.

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Or catch Eva’s talk on Nemont.TV. Thanks to Leif Erickson and his crew for taping the show.


By Rocky Erickson, Northern News Network