July 17, 2018 Voices Of Montana

High Tech Business The “Montana Way”

 There seems to be numerous good reasons why the High-Tech business climate in Montana is growing at a high rate. However, the biggest reason might be the simplest: Montana’s people.


Photo Courtesy of Christina Quick

The lead author of the entrepreneurship ecosystems study, Yas Motoyama, Ph.D., concluded the report by encouraging Montanans to continue building a Montana-unique ecosystem for Montana companies, rather than trying to imitate Silicone Valley, writing “it becomes apparent that entrepreneurship in Montana benefits from having locally based assets reflected upon the local culture. Montana should set its own goals and its own ways to achieve them.”

 To me, this is right on. People that live in Montana do things our own way or the “Montana way,” and I think it really works well for us and, apparently the High-tech business world thinks so, too.

 According to Christina Quick Henderson, Executive Director with the, Montana High Tech Business Alliance, “Montana’s best strategy for competing globally is to leverage the states unique competitive advantages, don’t try to be Boston or New York, but to be Montana!”

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Jon Arneson