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Lots of Pride for Montana in Super Bowl 50, Predictions from Arneson


Kirk Bushman, PSC Commissioner joins Jon Arneson on Voices of Montana for the pre-

Super Bowl show on Friday, February 5.


Rocky Erickson, Sports Director for Northern Broadcasting System joined VOM on Friday to highlight Montana athletes in the Super Bowl and make a few predictions with our host and lifelong Broncos fan, Jon Arneson.

“It’s going to be a monumental game,” said Arneson, while introducing the two Montana natives who will be competing in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday. Dwan Edwards, #92 defensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers was born in Billings Montana and raised in Columbus Montana. Edward’s has been in the National Football League for twelve years now and with the Panther’s since 2012.  Edward’s has over 400 tackles, 22 sacks, and caused 3 fumbles in his NFL career.

Another Montana native Brock Osweiler, from Kalispell Montana will be on the opposing team playing back-up quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Osweiler, #17 was drafted in the second round of the 2012 NFL draft by the Broncos. Arneson mentions a comment that came down the line a couple days ago from John Elway, “Without Brock Osweiler, there’s no way the Broncos would be in the Super Bowl.”

Rocky Erickson spoke with Columbus High School football coach Jon Smith today who received a phone call from Edward’s himself earlier this week.  Rocky said the phone conversation consisted of Edward’s inviting Smith to the game Sunday, that he had a ticket for him and that all Smith needs to do is get down there. “So I was standing in my second period class when this all took place, needless to say the tears came streaming down my face, it was a pretty emotional moment for me, I know that,” said Smith. The grade school, middle school, and high school marched to the football field in Columbus today for Dwan Edward’s appreciation day.  “One-Thousand Dwan Edward’s t-shirts were handed out,” said Erickson.

To wrap up, Erickson jokes to Arneson, “In honor of you becoming the full time talk show host, you’re a huge Broncos fan, I asked Taylor Brown if we could spend the five-thousand dollars and buy you a ticket to the Super Bowl, and you’re going to have to watch it on your TV here in Billings.”  Arneson predicted Broncos would win Super Bowl 50, 31-27.

Written by Lawna Hergenrider


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