July 25, 2018 Voices Of Montana

Newspaper Headlines Are Mostly Ridiculous, Even With “Leaked Email”

The Wednesday newspaper headlines made me think that there was possibly some sort of major meltdown at one of the largest electricity generation facilities in the northwestern United States, and that toxic air pollution had been spread across Montana and beyond from the Colstrip power plant.


Colstrip City Council Member Lori Shaw

Upon further review, we learned, that Units one and two were already offline for scheduled maintenance and that 3 and 4 were indeed shutdown for hazardous air pollution at un-safe levels, but according to Colstrip city council person and co-founder of Colstrip united, Lori Shaw, an early warning system alerted the workers and the units were immediately shut down.

The power plant has been shut down for close to a month and Talen Energy, which operates the plant, immediately notified all proper agencies immediately including the Montanan Department of Environmental Quality, and further operational testing has been on going ever since and according to Shaw this is not uncommon. But obviously, some Montana newspaper outlets feel they should be immediately notified.

The timing was good in of the power plant is normally drawn down this time of year and according to Shaw, could be the reason for the delay to reactivating 3 and 4 due to Montana’s abundance of hydro-power electricity generation this time of year, especially this season thanks to Montana’s plentiful runoff.

To listen to more of what Lori Shaw has to say about the Colstrip Power Plant shutdown and the so called  “leaked email” plus, Katrina Johnson, marketplace manager for the Better Business Bureau and then, United States Senator, Steve Daines on President Trump’s decision to help farmers out, including wheat producers, with a 12-Billion-dollar aid package, click here for that and more on the Voices of Montana podcast.

Jon Arneson