May 2, 2018 Voices Of Montana

The HER Campaign Is Saving Womans Lives

It’s surprising to me how little a person can actually know about a particular subject, that is probably going on in their own back yard. That was the case for me on Wednesdays Voices of Montana as I learned about the human sex trafficking industry and how it affects the women who get caught up in the industry, even here in Montana.

HER Campaign

Courtesy of HER Campaign

For the last five years, Sammy and Britany Higgs of Billings, have devoted their life to learning all about human trafficking with the goal of helping women, who have been both mentally and physically abused by this, what I like to call, the shadowy under world.

The two filmmakers are the founders of the HER Campaign and have recently opened a safe house in Billings, where victims of sexual exploitation from Montana and all over the United States, can seek healing and restoration.

Britany Higgs told us on the show “Right now, only 25% of our, day to day expenses, are funded and we personally have never taken a pay check” According to her husband, Sammy Higgs “That’s why we have been pushing our raffle, where folks can win, $30,000 worth of donated, High end, Professional, Canon, camera equipment”

To find out more, about how you can donate to the HER Campaign and how you can enter the up-coming, just click on their web site right here, and to listen to our interview with Sammy and Britany Higgs, check out our Voices of Montana pod cast right here.


Jon Arneson