April 3, 2018 Voices Of Montana, _Featured

Violent Crime Up, Especially in Billings and Missoula Montana

The numbers are pretty staggering, when we talk about crime in the state of Montana. According to Yellowstone County Attorney, Scott Twito, Billings and Missoula have the distinction of  leading the way combined with over 70% of the total violent crime in the state.


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Yellowstone County alone, where Billings is the county seat and the most populous county in the state, According to the Montana Board of Crime Control, violent crime is up 85% since 2010. Missoula is up well over 90% since 2010. According to Yellowstone County Attorney, Scott Twito, “We are just flat-out letting too many violent criminals out of jail right now, with very little monitoring”.

The Yellowstone County Attorney was the guest on Voices of Montana radio show Tuesday, April 3, and spoke about the Montana County Attorneys Association in which he is a board member, and currently is actively planning for the upcoming 2019 legislative agenda.

Twito told our radio audience, “The package of legislation that was passed into law in 2017 represented the largest change to the criminal justice system in several decades”.

The MCAA has four upcoming legislative priorities with accompanying bill drafts that are currently in the works and will be submitted very soon to the legislature. To hear those priorities, check out our entire podcast with Yellowstone County Attorney, Scott Twito and some Montana listeners phone calls into the show, please click right here.


Jon Arneson