June 27, 2018 Voices Of Montana 1 comment

Zinke on Fake News, BLM & Energy Dominance In America!

According to secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke, President Donald Trump is absolutely right, “The main stream media is reporting fake news.” He was referencing a picture that turned up on social media, and then later in the press. It is reported to be Zinke elephant hunting in Africa, but it turns out that the man in the picture reportedly looks like Zinke but the man lives in Scotland. According to Zinke, this is just one of many stories that are reported as the truth but are really fake news. Just another day in Washington.

IMG_4945Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, a Whitefish resident and fifth generation Montanan spent Wednesday with us in-studio on the Voices of Montana radio show speaking on many different topics. Zinke discussed our new energy surplus and why the BLM still has no official leader.

 The former Montana Senator and US Congressman spent 23 years in the military, eventually as a Navy Seal commander. Zinke has built up a reputation in Washington as being a Teddy Roosevelt Republican with a vision of multiple-use public lands and an ally to both the sportsman and the timber industry.

 Mr. Zinke speaks on the 21,000 miles of Forest Service lands that he and his department oversees along with the “All of the above” energy philosophy that both the President and he advocates.

Listen here to our hour with the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke and some of the text messages we received, mostly from the east coast, during the show.